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Gender Affairs Anguilla

What We Do

Gender Affairs Anguilla is mandated to plan, develop and coordinate national policies, programmes and activities focused on effecting gender equality in the workplace and wider community.

To ensure that gender equality and equity is central to all development models.

To build and empower a strong and vibrant civil society.  

To establish a system of gender mainstreaming which incorporates all sectors.

To facilitate legislative change and public awareness of relevant legislation and their implications.

To empower both men and women by ensuring new and equitable relations between the sexes.

To integrate women’s and men’s concerns and experiences into the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all political, economic and social policies and programmes.


Promoting knowledge and awareness of gender issues and the capacity to effect change through national outreach, advocacy, training, and implementation of gender-mainstreamed policies.


Actively committed to fostering equal and humane treatment in the daily lives of every man, woman, girl and boy; manifesting a united Anguilla.


To plan, develop and coordinate national policies, programmes and activities focused on effecting gender equality in the workplace and wider community.

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We are champions for the development and positive progression of Gender Affairs in Anguilla.

Ronya Foy Connor, PhD

Gender Development Coordinator

Ronya combines her interest in international studies, community service and cultural travel through a range of activities.  She is a youth teacher and mentor, in addition to a public speaker at Career and Educational Forums.  She has worked for the New York City government and United States federal government, as well as in the private sector assisting with human services, policy planning, and applied research. 

Ronya has co-facilitated self-improvement courses, conducted individual and group counseling sessions and is certified as an anger management counselor.  She holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Administration from Cornell University with a concentration in Public Administration, Human Rights and Social Justice.  Ronya has also earned her Master of Social Work and Doctor of Philosophy from Howard University in Washington, DC; completing her Ph.D. dissertation on Women Social Entrepreneurs, local development, and community sustainability.

Throughout her academic tenure, she has received numerous scholarships and fellowships including the prestigious Ryoichi Sasakawa Fellowship for International Dissertation Research and the Boren Fellowship to learn the most widely spoken language in Africa; Swahili.  Though a native New Yorker, Ronya has lived in Washington, DC; Zanzibar, Tanzania and most recently, Anguilla, British West Indies, where she serves as the Gender Development Coordinator for the island.  Ronya loves to organize individual and group travel as a travel agent and has personally covered the globe by visiting countries on every continent except for Antarctica.   Some of her favorite international destinations include Japan, Brazil, Ghana, Tortola/Virgin Gorda, and Israel.

Ronya finds it rewarding to spend quality time with her family and to interact with new individuals; discovering what their passions are and assisting them in reaching higher personal goals.  She fulfills this calling throughout the community as the founder of Living Water Counselling, based in Anguilla.  In this season of her life, she is focused on “Sowing in Spirit, Service, and Scholarship,” remembering that those who sow sparingly will also reap sparingly and those who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully (2 Corinthians 9:6)

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